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Photo Agency Cartina - Delivery Terms & Conditions

Photo Agency Cartina only intermediates copyrights of photos owned by several photographers.

In normal circumstances we can deliver the ordered digital photos by e-mail to the customer within two hours. Exceptionally this can take somewhat longer. Please ask for confirmation of availability of the photo concerned, particularly if your quality requirements are any special.

The customer will have the right to publish the photo once, as agreed upon in advance. The photographer will keep all the copyrights.

The customer can have layout photos free of charge for planning purposes. If the photo is used without permission, we'll charge double the normal price.

The customer will respond for informing us of the use, purpose and circulation of the photo. We'll then charge the customer according to this information.

The photos of Photo Agency Cartina may be processed and combined according to the principles of public decency.

The customer can have sole rights for a certain photo for one year. In this case we'll charge double the price for the photo.

The name of the photographer and the webpage should always be published in connection with the photo, for example Phil the Photographer / Cartina. If the source is left out, we'll charge 30% extra.

Two copyright copies of the print where the photos have been used should be sent to Photo Agency Cartina, unless otherwise agreed.

The use of certain photos may be limited, for example for journalistic use only, if a permission for publishing has not been received from all the people appearing in the photos. Please ask for confirmation, if you are planning to use the photo in an advertisement.

Possible disputes should be primarily solved by negotiation. If this end without a consensus, the matter shall be taken to court.

The customer shall respond for the legitimacy of the use of the photos.